The European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI) is looking forward to organizing the 7th edition of its ESWI Influenza Conferences in Valencia, Spain, on 13 – 16 September 2020. Over the past years, the ESWI Influenza Conferences have grown into the largest European scientific conferences dedicated to influenza. This edition also welcomes abstract submissions on RSV.

In keeping with its excellent scientific reputation, the upcoming seventh edition will give the floor to the most renowned influenza and RSV scientists, public health experts and healthcare professionals.

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Your ticket gives access to all sessions – including plenary satellite symposia, the Welcome Reception on 13 September, the Poster Networking Session on 14 September and the Farewell Diner on 15 September at a lovely mesia outside Valencia.

Building on the success of previous ESWI meetings, #ESWI2020 will feature a wide range of sessions and learning opportunities, showcasing the latest research and developments in the influenza and RSV field. 

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5 reasons to attend the seventh ESWI Influenza Conference

  1. Attendees will be offered a flexible programme with different sessions to choose from, covering topics from diagnostic approaches and mathematic modelling to healthcare policy and basic virology.
  2. An attractive programme of parallel sessions, keynote lectures, satellite symposia, plenary meetings and poster sessions covers all relevant scientific disciplines and focusses on new developments and state-of-the-art in the influenza and RSV fields.
  3. The conference will see a new edition of the Science Policy Interface track, a separate, tailor-made programme for public health officials and opinion leaders in healthcare work where experts will address some of the most intriguing issues, while distinguishing public health professionals will share their insights and expierience.
  4. Networking - the key to progress in science: interdisciplinary discussions inspire new ideas and new collaborations.
  5. Discover Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, a captivating cultural mix of ultramodern architecture and mediaeval magic. And the birthplace of the iconic Spanish dish, paella. 

The seventh ESWI Influenza Conference is hosted by

Eswi's partner organizations

Young Scientist Fund

Since some of the best and most innovative ideas come from young scientists, ESWI continues to actively encourage the careers of young researchers.

Through the Young Scientist Fund, ESWI provides grants to young scientists, thus contributing to Europe’s continued leading scientific base in influenza and RSV research.

Wednesday 16 September 2020 will open with a plenary session entirely devoted to the work of promising scientists. In past editions, these plenaries were highly appreciated in the influenza community, mainly due to their innovative and refreshing nature.

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Why should influenza and RSV experts meet?

1. From a clinical perspective

  • Influenza and RSV cause very similar respiratory disease
  • Influenza and RSV hit the extremes of age the hardest (children and the elderly)

2. From a pathogenesis perspective

  • Clear overlaps as well as clear differences
  • Resulting in major implications for intervention strategies

3. From an intervention strategies perspective (vaccines, antivirals and biological response modifiers)

  • Intervention strategies for influenza are improving and emerging
  • New intervention strategies for RSV are emerging
  • Prospects for:
  • Combined diagnostics/hospital management strategies
  • Combined vaccination strategies
  • Biological response modifiers: similar pathogeneses resulting in similar approaches

4. From a policy perspective

  • Reimbursement policies for both influenza and RSV intervention strategies are crucial