People with diabetes still face a higher risk for influenza and its complications. National and international guidelines therefore advise that diabetes patients be annually vaccinated against influenza.

The attention for the impact of influenza on diabetes patients is, however, low and so is the vaccine uptake in this group.

Leading diabetes organizations and ESWI joined forces to forge an active Influenza/Diabetes community, implementing an action plan to better protect diabetes patients against the flu. The community meets annually to investigate new opportunities for collaboration and to continue raising awareness about the impact of influenza infection on diabetes patients.

Check out the virtual reference center: https://eswi.org/influenza-diabetes-community/


The impact of influenza on people with diabetes

Marco Goeijenbier

Influenza vaccination and people with diabetes: a must!

Xavier Cos

Recent findings in glycemic variability and influenza severity

Kirsty Short

How to increase vaccination coverage in people with diabetes, the UK case

Dan Howarth, Diabetes UK

Diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ab Osterhaus 

Wrap up and conclusions

Marco Goeijenbier and Xavier Cos

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At the occasion of the 7th ESWI Influenza Conference, virtual edition , 6-9 December 2020 the Influenza Diabetes Community is organizing a satellite symposium on 7 December LIVE 10:00 AM.

Influenza in persons living with diabetes. Pathogenesis and prevention

Chairs: Marco Goeijenbier and Xavier Cos